VonCapri has searched for an undated mental health planner that fits an African American’s daily lifestyle and occasional struggles. A planner that helps you get focused, organized, and is sensitive to the mental struggles of life. As an African American, it can be hard to talk about mental health out loud, so this planner was created with us in mind. Sis, if you struggle with self-care, organization, and planning or just journaling out your thoughts….this planner is just for you. I struggle with taking the time to love and care for me! I needed to create this planner. 


This life planner has been designed to help you get organized and keep all of those notes and thoughts in ONE place. With our balance wheel, goal worksheets and water tracker, you will know exactly what you need to focus on each week to keep you steadily moving towards your goals. Special features include motivational quotes.


Available in Multi-Color and Black & White.

Mental Health Planner

Printing Type: Black and White
  • 08/2020